Sunday, May 06, 2012

Life today

On the bus to airport to head to Tokyo. I've wanted to go to Japan for a long time but sadly this will only be 26 hrs on the ground. Feeling sadder than usual heading off. Kids didn't seem to care I was leaving altho A was more wrapped up in his own 3 day Yosemite field trip. Dog will miss me. The car has a completely flat back tire (hence the bus). Poor P is left having to deal with it - plan is to remove it and take just the tire somewhere as it seems likely it has a hole. Out of state-er hit my car last week - I did hear Fri that was agreed completely her fault so we won't. E out deductible - but still have the hassle ahead. Last nite I decided to eliminate some gray in my hair. Let A pick out the color. Disaster. My hair is now horizontally striped. Vertical would be ok. But no. That's what I get for trying diff formula. In desperate need of hair cut too - it has been at least 6 months. My gal is in the city and I just dOnt get there much at the moment. My neck at base of skull has been really hurting this wk. so got ref to my assistants chiropractor. Unfortunately 30 mi from work. Went 2x. My low back feels great but still some lingering neck pain. My excellent boss left a wk ago Fri. Good for him but not necessarily for the rest of us. We'll see how it plays out. I put off this trip specifically so we could meet - and it didn't happen. I did get to say goodbye at 5:45 on the Friday. He gave me some patronizing advice which made me realize (again) how much he didn't actually know me or what I was up to. So I was really sad he was leaving and really annoyed at the same time. Hopefully I'll get to make some of he changes that should be made. I was getting him there. The good about moving my trip is I think weather will be better both places.

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