Monday, May 07, 2012

I could enjoy being rich. Work puts us up at very nice hotels. After using the heated toilet seat I poured myself a purple shower. I didn't bother to use the loofa although I did watch TV while bathing. I weighed myself after showering off. I have traditional Japanese PJs to wear - along with the ever present asian slippers (even United offers them). This is my first stay at a Park Hyatt - I'm sure it won't be my last. I haven't figured out any amenities that I want that aren't on offer. Even the ice bucket has ice already waiting for me. The room controls are right by my bed - including the mechanized shades.

But to back up - this is my first visit to Japan. I can't really justify many (any more?) visits as we don't have an office that is just our division - instead we just have 15-20 people who share in the main office. So nothing much for me to do. Shucks. I took the train in from the airport. It was about 80 min or so but much of the trip was above ground. To my surprise (for some reason) we passed field after field of what looked to me to be rice paddies. And a few bamboo forests waving high. Don't know why but it really tickled me to see. Even if from a passing train. Even saw a few solitary workers tending to their fields.

Just finished my very tasty room service. I was originally thinking I'd hit the hotel's Japanese restaurant but instead found something to my liking on the in-room menu. Chichen tatsuta-age (fried) with miso soup, rice, and some pickled veggies. All was very tasty. The chicken was probably the most tender I've ever had. One of the pickled veggies looked sort of like a black dill from the outside (that shape but not bumpy) but was purple inside. Yummy. Now off to wander around the hotel briefly before bed. Just about morning back home.

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