Saturday, May 12, 2012

I had forgotten what a great city Sydney is. I was only there almost 2 days but happened to hit some great weather - mid-70s and sunny. I managed an evening walk the first night - just around the neighborhood. My hotel turned out to be in the same building as our office (convenient!). Also across the street from Queen Victoria something - a lovely 3 story shopping place that must have been an old building that was rehab-ed. Great old details etc. Some really nifty public spaces including the shopping ones like QV but also great outdoor spaces like Darling Harbour. The next morning I made sure to take the time for almost 2 hour walk. I headed west to the water at Darling Harbour then north to the bridge and Circular Quay and the Opera House then back south through the park back to the hotel and breakfast. I had some great light for a while. This shot is from near Circular Quay just before the sky clouded over. I have quite a few decent shots but nothing amazing. I tend to set out when I am traveling looking to photo document what I'm seeing in my mind to tell a story to people back home (who actually have little interest in looking at my photos - but no matter!). I had my trusty 10-22mm lens on the camera so most shots are like this altho I did have my 24-105 with me - which I finally pulled out near the end of my walk for the cockatoos.
We don't have cockatoos at home - at least not outside zoos or pet stores.

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