Monday, July 01, 2002

Don't think I ever reported back about our visit to the Plunket Nurse for Quincy's well baby visit. He has now joined his brother in the "3rd percentile" in weight - and about the same at this age in height at around 30%ile. The chart stops at 5% so I think 3% is just euphamism for off the chart. Funny cause to me he still looks chunkier than Aidan when young. Our Dr at home said he was starting to mimic Aidan's chart and guess he was right! We'll stop by again at end of July for another weigh in. But meanwhile we decided we better let him eat at night if he wants. And he is getting stuffed with as much mush as we can get in him! Up to 3 meals a day. He mostly just wants whatever we are eating but he's doing pretty well on his stuff. We are very happy to have Phyllis here to help with him as he is a terror at mealtimes and all hands are needed!

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