Thursday, July 25, 2002

Quincy weighed in at 15lb 1oz Wednesday. So almost a pound in a month. Seemed like he was really getting heavy to me. I came home and charted it on his chart - and he is still well below the last chart line of 5%... So I have 2 lightweights. How come my back doesn't agree with that statement?! Quincy the last 2 days has made a real effort to get into coordinated crawling. He is now belly off the floor almost all the time altho still often forearms instead of hands in front but up onto knees in the back. He is also quite fast regardless of his rollypolly state. He has amazing body control and really can keep that head from hitting floor or other objects. He now sits quite well when placed in sitting position as long as he doesn't want to head forth and crawl after something which is usually the case. I picked up a highchair of sorts for him - it sits on a regular chair but has a tray so I can get a little distance between him and the table (ie my food). I found that a fennel stalk is a great pacifier for him - he likes the taste and will work on it for quite a while but it is solid enough that although he can shred the end with his 5 little teeth he so far hasn't been able to get off any chunks. I gave him some cornbread tonight. He really enjoyed that although not that much actually made it into his mouth. It allowed me enough time to finish up MY cornbread... Will be interesting to see how it goes in predominantly restaurants over next 2 weeks in South Island. Wish us luck!

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