Monday, July 22, 2002

Quincy had his first fall off a bed. We were downstairs (in room under him) caterwauling out I've Been Working on the Railroad (his favorite) when I heard him start crying. When I went in - I didn't see him! Turns out he made for the 6"x6" open space between bed, nightstand, and crib. He was on the floor below, wrapped around the bed leg. He didn't seem too unhappy about the fall - more that he couldn't go any where. That night I watched him make a beeline right for that area again. Seems he didn't learn much! I think he wants either the lamp or it's cord on the nightstand. Today after nap I watched him crawl into his crib (set 4 or 5" below bed level and a couple inches from bed) and then try very hard to pull himself up on edge toward nightstand and later opposite end - about 12 - 15" up - no success fortunately. He then managed with a bit of work to haul himself back out and up on the bed. He is a determined little boy! And now quite fast. He still mostly crawls on his belly using forearms to pull himself forward - but he uses both arms instead of just left one now. He is also spending a fair bit of time up on his knees too now. He can also sit fairly well if put down in that position - at least until he decides he wants to head off for something else. He also enjoys propping himself up on his left side - reminds me of studies of nudes reclining from late 1800s in art class. He has remarkable body control and can control his head so that when he rolls around or falls his head doesn't bang down but instead comes down very gently.

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