Monday, July 08, 2002

Quincy is 7 months old and saying “mamamamama”. Aidan was 18 months before he got around to saying mama (although he had close to a dozen terms for vehicles under his belt – priorities). I wasn’t sure Quincy was going to get around to real sounds – he has been so busy with pterydactyl (sp?) cries and raspberries and coos – lots of vowel sounds. He has practiced a “v” sound before but that isn’t listed anywhere in the baby books… Phyllis heard him first today – and I thought it was just a grandma hearing thing – but then I heard the “mmm”s with my own ears later.

Aidan is into week 2 of swimming daily. He and I “warmed up” again first. Back to the toddler pool – SOOO warm! A bit much really. I had him lift his arms up over his head (and not hold onto anything) so he could realize that he really truly could stand up all by himself (we have talked about it a lot and his feet are on the bottom but he has always had FIRM grip on something or someone). I think this gave him real confidence as he headed into the lesson. The teacher was great – best yet. She did a lot of songs (with swimming activities) with Aidan and Matthew – another timid boy. Aidan is now putting nose in water when doing bubbles – shocked the heck out of me. He didn’t initially want to go over with Clare (where is Spencer?) but it worked out fine. I bought a swimsuit today afterwards – I have been wearing a pregnancy one I had and it takes several days to dry. Ick. I am such a different size and shape these days! Oh well.

Quincy opens his mouth wide now when being fed. A relatively new trick. He was really needing to be chewing on things today – I haven’t noticed that much of a NEED before – usually it was more like – hmm, how does this taste. Went to a burger place near Pete’s office for dinner (Pete has sort of been craving them). Quincy would have loved to get his hand on one – or a fry – or the milkshake – or… he was only content when bouncing (and being bounced) while standing in my (or others’) lap. Tiring!

Rain rain go away come again another day... we did see rainbows though...

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