Monday, July 22, 2002

Monday was supposed to be a rainy day - although it was gray we didn't have any drops until we were snug in our beds as it turned out. But I pursuaded Nanma & Pop that they should stay nice and dry with us and go shopping. We stopped off at Craft World (not a place to buy craft supplies as Nanma first imagined but a place to buy NZ made crafts). Nanma and I stocked up on gifts for friends/family. We then headed back to Botany Downs Mall / shopping center where they have the large bookstore with tractor on the ceiling, train that runs around track battery powered, and a decent cafe beside all of this. We then found an outdoor store and managed to stock up on a few essentials like good gloves, thermal underwear etc for our trip south this saturday. Aidan asks daily - are we going to the snow now?? Nanma and Pop declared it a good outing at our return at 4 p.m. The boys both passed out as we neared home and the grandparents decided that was a good idea and joined them in slumber land. Quincy had the shortest nap, then I woke Aidan. Surprisingly all our racket didn't wake the other two! Fortunately while they all slept I got a chicken and some root veggies in the oven for dinner.

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