Wednesday, May 15, 2002

ensuite means bathroom is connected to bedroom. pete reports that the equivelent of john doe is joe blogg. he didn't ask about poor jane. and did i mention that a place where children are watched is called a creche?

had our first truly sunny day yesterday and today looks to be more of the same. we went to the zoo. nice altho small - reminds me a bit of san francisco one but no train altho a bit nicer for the exhibits. they had a child play area where there was a very big and high tunnel slide - and aidan (who has been afraid to go on 4' long slides of late) went thru it at least 5 times and had to be dragged away. curious. the taxi driver told us that there was a really nice playground just around the corner in the large adjoining park. we were sceptical. it really was a great playground! aidan when we went back in the afternoon climbed through the enclosed maze bubble thing (4 bubbles connected on various levels) and out the tunnel slide. aidan is just telling daddy that there were really large birds to chase - true - a bunch of very tame geese and at least 4 black swans. you could probably have touched them pretty easily - they were all looking for handouts. i am generally very wary of geese but these seemed to be good natured and didn't peck or honk at anyone. aidan also still picks up a ton of sticks (and to a lesser degree leaves) whenever we are outside. they become all sorts of things - often musical instruments like horns.

went to very good seafood place a block from hotel for dinner. aidan's child meal was amazing - for slightly over $4 he got a nice fish at least 7" long on a pile of good fries and very tasty sauted veggies. he also got his milk and ice cream with chocolate sauce. it would have made a nice meal for me! my wood fired grilled salmon with avocado/pinenut accompaniment only cost about $10.

hadn't fed quincy in a few days - he ATTACKED the spoon and gobbled it all up. he also grabbed spoon and tried to help. and then he liked to put his hand in mouth so cereal gets everywhere. i can see i need to pick up a high chair and not continue to feed him on my lap where i can't see his face well. aidan gave him a spoonful - he wanted to help. quincy is doing more rolling over and really moves all around his mat when on his back so that he can play with various items.

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