Sunday, May 19, 2002

Today we rented ourselves a car at the stellar rate of about $225/month. That gets us a Subaru Legacy station wagon. It is a bit of an older car with a few dings around the sides (will help conceal any I add), and Pete’s comment that it sounds like mice or hamsters are running around inside the engine is dead on, but it has power windows and locks as well as AC – and has plenty of room – we might even be able to get all our bags in it if we pack carefully! So we have wheels! Have to admit in some ways I liked using public transportation and going at the slower pace little toddler legs take us. I’ll have to learn my way around the city and am not looking forward to navigating by myself – but we will have a much greater range of activities available to us now – not to mention how much easier it will be to get the groceries home!

After a farewell brunch with John, Janelle & Isabella (Aidan was amazed to see how Isabella could coat her hair in Hummus – I am betting Quincy will be more that type of kid), we rented the car. Aidan had a great time hanging out in the car “driving” while we sorted out the paperwork. As the day was a bit mucky – more drizzly than anything, but far from nice – Pete suggested we check out the War Memorial Museum. I agreed with no real enthusiasm. It was a really nice museum! I am sure I will spend quite a few wet days there with the kids. Downstairs was a lot of Polynesian / native Maiori type exhibits (some nifty stuff). There was some Korean musicians who danced and sang and played instruments. Aidan and Pete watched I think the whole hour or so. I sat outside the door with Quincy so he could roll around a bit – I figure hanging out in the stroller all day has to be awful – and I peeked in and was able to listen. Upstairs they had a natural history type area with a lot of stuffed animals and beach/tidepool sort of displays as well as a hands on area for littler kids – bang on drums, play in sand, read books etc. Pete checked out the top floor with the war memorial stuff – I didn’t hear a report back.

I cooked another pasta dinner and we had some corn on the cob – probably about the last we can expect of that this season – Aidan enjoyed chomping on it. And then Pete and Aidan went off to enjoy the pool & jacussi again before bed. Forgot to pick up the photos today before the place closed – but might actually have some photos I can upload tomorrow to ofoto! No promises however.

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