Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Well, so far the car has been driving well and I am handling the wrong side of the road with minimal difficulties. Had a forey to the grocery yesterday. Aidan sat in the "trundler" (shopping cart back home) next to Quincy. That was a first in probably 18 months. Made life a bit easier! Lately Aidan has decided to help me shop and selects all the products from the lower shelves that I never noticed before - he found Bob Builder "Fun Bars" on our first grocery trip here.

Today hit a shopping area that had several children's clothing stores. Was able to get some shirts etc to replace the ones I've ruined so far in the hotel washing machine. Finally having some rain - today it drizzled a bit when we started out, turned very sunny, had a few cloud bursts during naptime, sunny again, drizzle again. I think tomorrow we might head to the Aquarium. Some women tonite at dinner were very excited about it altho John & Janell panned it. Had dinner at nice Italian restaurant with Pete's co-workers - 3 women and a man. Aidan was as angellic as you could hope for thanks to getting an order of blue cheese and bread on table immediately for him. He was flirting up a storm with the women and didn't want to leave (it was almost 9.30!).

Aidan now asks to play "cards" several times a day. I bought him a deck of Dr Seuss "1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, GO FISH" cards to play "go fish" a couple days ago. You request either color or number of fish on each card. We play open handed and he seems to love it. Pete played Crazy 8s with him and the deck this a.m.

He misses Isabella - he was impressed by her covering her hair with Humus that last day. And we have returned a couple times to Atomic Cafe ("ohh - it has the same name as my friend Thomas" he told me after mis-hearing name) - it has the sandbox he and Isabella played in. Unfortunately he is now convinced that all cafes must have toys and/or sandboxes. Not good. He also won't eat when we are at one - he just wants to play and preferably me play too.

No word on the townhouse yet - turns out we had competition. So we may be out hitting the pavement again this weekend unfortunately - we'd rather be sightseeing!

Aidan is also now convinced that we should (he and Pete) go swimming each evening. Quincy and I joined them yesterday. They stay for at least an hour and spend a fair bit of time in the jacussi. I could barely stand in the pool area and didn't feel safe towing Aidan around in it. He also asks after the large chess piece horses.

Quincy is really doing alot of turning over and rotating - Aidan didn't move like this for a month or two later. He also loves his rattles - Aidan was more indifferent as I recall. He also has a couple of nervous habits - chomps on his hands/fingers, scratches at his ears (used to be top of head). He actually made an ear bleed one night last week. I was quite disturbed to wake to see blood drips in his bed. I have kept those little nails a bit shorter since! I wonder how much is attributable to having an older brother?

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