Thursday, May 23, 2002

Yesterday was a stormy but rather beautiful day. We found 2 playgrounds, both right next to beaches. The water was a glorious glowing green under the sunny sky with the dark stormclouds behind. There were a couple of windsurfers we enjoyed watching – they had enough wind to become airborn at times. Aidan and I had a nice lunch at an open air café next to the playground in the park – fortunately it had a fabric roof where we were sitting so we avoided getting wet. I had intended to check out the aquarium as a couple of Pete’s co-workers had been going on about it at length the night before but it was 2 before we knew it and I had hopes of a long nap. No such luck!

While at café another Mom & her 2 boys – almost same age – sat down next to us. They have just moved to Devonport after living in London & Glasgow for a number of years – we have our first playdate! Unfortunately her oldest son is 3 months younger and doesn’t really seem to talk as far as I can tell so I doubt Aidan will get that much out of him. Both boys were larger than mine.

We didn’t get the townhouse – lost it to another couple with 2 kids almost same age!! So we have a few places today lined up to check out today.

Quincy is waking sometimes as frequently as hourly now at night. And Aidan wakes up and crawls into bed – fortunately he is fine about being redirected to sleep in “Quincy’s” crib adjacent to the bed. Quincy tends to spend the night in bed with us now as he wakes and protests when put in his bed. I need them in separate rooms so I can let them cry without waking the other!

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