Thursday, May 09, 2002

i don't think i mentioned the australia money. i quite liked the paper money. i was amused by the coins. the queen is on one side of each coin - and she has been aged over time! she has REALLY aged in the last 5 years especially and in the most recent coins looks her age. there were animals on the other sides (kangaroos, koalas, platapus etc) and they occasionally change size for some reason. so far new zealand $ is a bit more boring altho still better than what good 'ole USA produces.

and then there is the coffee. in AU you pay 40cents extra for decaf. and marshmallows are standard fare on the menus! i wanted to try an afrogato - espresso with ice cream but didn't get around to it. i was quite curious about "flat whites" and "long blacks" - basically a cappucino but not so fluffy for the 1st and an "americano" - espresso and water for the 2nd. i have to ask for my drinks to be "trim" (non-fat) and you can also buy "skinny" milk (low-fat) which seems to be called "lite" here. i think i only saw one starbucks in brisbane but they are quite prevalent here - there was even one in the lobby of the grocery store we went to. in stores here in NZ bell peppers are called capscium. names in both countries have been a funny mix of english (british mostly) and native (aboriginal or maori). brisbane CBD (center business district) streets were named after british royalty - females in one direction and males perpendicular! here we are located pretty much at the cross section of Victoria and Nelson streets.

quincy is ahead of aidan - i found his first tooth today - bottom right. aidan's appeared on mother's day funny enough - but aidan is 1 1/2 mo older in the year than quincy. quincy is great/happy at hanging out on his tummy - i think he is quite strong because of it. and still so mellow but smiley. we love him!

aidan's latest issues - he has to dictate 1) what table we'll sit at in a restaurant and 2) which chairs each of us should use. he even designates one as quincy's. this can be a problem when waiters try to sit us "NOOO" he'll shout - "THIS table". we are finally experiencing the "no" phase in all its loud glory.

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