Saturday, May 11, 2002

yesterday aidan and i sat down to tea and crumpets for breakfast in our hotel room - how very civilized of us!

today we rode the bus called "the link" (cost about 50 cents) around the city and got a bit wider view of things. saw a neighborhood we would like to live in - Ponsonby - but so far all corporate type housing we have come across is downtownish - not super family oriented area. we could actually get nice 2 bedroom in this hotel long term but as pete points out it would be living in a hotel. i have long term hopes of finding playgroups etc and striking up some local friendships. pete so far has hit it off with the 2 aussies on his team - and they will be leaving soon... hopefully we'll get to know some natives soon. pete still doesn't know where exactly he will be working as the company has a couple of locations.

pete is right about Brisbane having better parks - and alot more of them at that. so far we have only seen 2 playgrounds at opposite ends of town and they aren't very special. of course all aidan really needs is a stick or two to play with and perhaps a few birds to chase to be happy... it looks like there are alot of park/beach areas to explore in the area for future. we need to get a car or jump on a ferry or bus. tomorrow we'll head to our first beach with pete's co-workers. we are looking forward to it.

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