Sunday, May 05, 2002

naptime - ahh, how nice! aidan had a nice big breakfast this a.m. - making up for missed dinner last night. he slept from 5.30 til 10.30 then kept me up til about 1.30 a.m. today is Queensland's Labor Day. interestingly each Aussie state has it's own day and they are all different. off in NZ we will get Queens Day - the 1st Mon in June perhaps. we crossed paths with the Labor Day parade today. lots of union members marching along... and a scottish bagpipe band in their midst for some reason. didn't seem particularly interesting as parades go but aidan was interested esp as our paths were fairly similar so we kept sighting them. we crossed the river to pete's favorite (i think) part of town - South Bank - where we headed to "Paul's Breaka Beach" - a manmade beach area complete with fine white sands and life guards and lots of little kids in the shallows. aidan and pete spent probably close to an hour in the water jumping around and doing sand castles on the "shore" while quincy and i wandered thru the adjacent craft market. we had "kebab" for lunch - rather like a gyros with shaved meat. i ordered it on turkish bread roll - i really like the turkish bread they serve here - esp warm with "dukkah" egyptian spices. the aussies have also seem to have mastered all things fried. very nice "wedges" - seasoned potato wedges aidan always selects when available. pete is bemoaning having to leave "brisbie" and its tropical clime but i am looking forward to our next stop on this venture.

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