Sunday, May 05, 2002

a nice day after predictions of showers. a walk thru craft fair by the water. onto the city botanical gardens where we detoured by a small playground before walking on the boardwalk through the mangroves. saw little orange crustaceans darting around. across the goodwill pedestrian bridge to south bank park area. lebanese lunch before heading to maritime museum. aidan loved "steering" the boats. hit another playground briefly afterward. aidan and i headed off to find daddy and quincy who were hanging out on a lawn somewhere. while mom was scanning the area for daddy (not there) aidan was scanning the area for birds to chase - his current favorite pastime - and fell into a water feature. fortunately it was only 9" deep or so and a bit more below ground level so it was mostly just a scary - and very wet - experience. a nice lady went to restaurant she worked at and brought back towels to dry him off. he then had to be content wiht wearing a quincy diaper, quincy pants, shirt & socks! he looked a bit funny but didn't seem to care and was soon back having a great time chasing birds (not near any water this time!). he passed out in stroller on long walk home at about 5.30 and quincy passed out around 6 back in the hotel. are they down for the night?? mommy hopes so! still no digital pictures - we are slowing working toward a solution. meanwhile i have shot 2+ rolls of 35 mm as well as the filled digital camera. daddy is off putting in a few hours at the office in hopes that he can play with us tomorrow. tuesday we head to new zealand... fyi quincy is trying hard to sit up (work those stomache muscles!) and is balancing fairly well while being held in sitting and standing modes. he continues to self soothe with finger and hand suckings/smackings. he also likes to scratch his head and play with his ears a bit. aidan tried (and would have succeeded if i hadn't intervened) to pull quincy out of his stroller to hold him/hug him.

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